23 October, 2011

Sunny Sunday

Things didn't go quite to plan and I ended up lying in bed finishing my book until 10am and dh decided he wanted a cooked breakfast...so bacon, egg, tomato, toast, spuds and hot dog sausages with a big cup of coffee later we decided to have late dinner...couldn't be bothered slaving over an oven all day so got busy cleaning top to bottom, changing beds, emptying bins and shoved in a frozen stew veggie/meat mix in the slow cooker....cooked a delish Courgette cake and while it was cooking made Lime pickle

three jars later and hopefully only a week in storage and it should be ready to go, it seems spicy hot...

Was a really bright sunny day, got 2 loads of washing out onto the line and while watching Come dancing, X Factor and Downton Abbey have done some hand stitching....

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