18 October, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday Amelia

Happy 4th Birthday my darling daughter....

Its my daughter's 4th birthday today, she's a Hello Kitty girl and has outmaxed with her pressies and there are more to come this afternoon... then out for a family meal tonight, just as well there isn't school tomorrow :O)
I'm taking Jacques to his speech therapist this afternoon and so am taking my CAL Christmas sew along embroidery to get on with, it's handy having something that I can just pop into a bag and take with me, I have alot of hanging around, waiting for kids, dropping them off, picking them up, etc etc  

Patchwork club tomorrow and i've got some sewing on yo yo's to do for a Christmas project.  It's frustrating waiting for my needles to arrive from the US for the quilting frame, also bought some red overlocking thread yesterday to give that a go, see if it makes the thread break a bit less than the YLI quilting thread from Hancocks.

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