20 October, 2011

Chilly day

First proper frost of the winter this morning, -1C taking the kids to school and the first fire was lit on the fire monster furnace. The wood smell is back again until Spring, Chimney's been cleaned and I've hoovered the furnace out but soot and wood bits are set to aggravate me all winter.  I've sat this afternoon and watched Celebrity Masterchef while finishing off one of my SAL embroidery weeks...another one tomorrow, I'm now only 2 behind soon be 3...
tomorrow is going to be a sewing day, I'm spending all day sewing, no cleaning, want to play with the frame and brother, need to get cutting some 4 patches for 4patches4hope out of my scrap bag. Contemplating a pinwheel Christmas quilt but not sure I'll get time to finish it and our not nice social charges bill arrived...ahh c'est la vie :O)

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