27 October, 2011

Am just catching up on the Ghastlies...corrr my list of blogs has grown over the last 4 days, so many wonderful Ghastlie projects....
I've found So Sarah Sews too and am tempted to try to get a Spider web placemat done, not sure if I've got any of the orange left over but I've definitely got some yellow spiders web fabric and always have black stashed, quite enjoy paper piecing once I get into it, although 31st is fast approaching.

Mum had the kids for me today so I got on with some FMQ and had a practice with the brother, this time not on the frame, no thread breakage at all, which makes me think that the frame's not level and that's what's breaking thread... I still love my Janome and auto tension and HATE all non auto tension machines, I've spent so much of my time adjusting the brother cos of different thread choices...heres my WIP and have to share some of my FMQ one tiny cross over i've just spotted in top left corner but apart from that none, no birds nests, some sharp corners but am quite happy at the progress,

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