31 October, 2011

Happy Halloween !!!!

Happy Halloween to you all,

Finished block 3 of the SAL last night from sewhappy and traced out the next block ready to start...but I got diverted this morning, I was Ghastlie hopping  and found Pauline's blog, wonderful ghastlie stuff and happened upon a washing up bottle cover, not 100% sure why anyone would want one. A tutorial was posted by camille and I thought it looked fairly easy....
Heres the result of my work this morning, I *think* it can be adapted to make a cute wine bottle apron, see on the brandy bottle *grin*.... it's totally reversible and really easy to make, I could've sewed the binding on by machine but am not great at getting it really even and the kids were about so decided to hand stitch it down... perhaps I could make some for the xmas craft sale...what do u reckon ?
Could adjust to wine bottle size ???

Totally reversible so when it gets dirty just turn it over...

 I've been blogging this evening, sitting with my boy and newest kitty under my quilt and listened to Bonnie K. Hunter of Quiltville.com on the American Patchwork & quilting radio site, it's awesome what you can do online from across the ocean :O)  and I happened on a cute tutorial for this tortoise pincushion from sewhappy me which I might start tomorrow, not so sure about the lacey stuff but can see it needs something to hide the stitching.... ahh well time to blog hop some more :O)

29 October, 2011

Web Tastic...

 Don't you just love the head...my DH bought it in the UK, he was at the french services filling up the van with diesel and as typically with Phil, it was just tossed in the van, he opened the door and the skull rolled out, bashed on the floor and into the petrol station forecourt... the old woman in the car opposite him had a VERY strange look on her face :O)

Ok it's finished, not sure I'll get to make another one tomorrow (will try) but have thoroughly enjoyed it, quick and easy to do, very wonky, doesn't meet in the middle, deliberately doesn't meet on some of the edges...but a lovely placemat, plant pot holder or to display the sweeties for the trick or treaters....  thanks sarah for the tutorial and additional help with the pattern, I'll definitely be making a set for next year's Halloween dinner... wonder about wine glass mats, hmm

And I REALLY do like paperpiecing I've decided, I don't do as much of it as I should and after loving the Mariners compass, its something I'll be looking at doing more of.

I'm tempted....


wish I was nearer *sob*

28 October, 2011

So Sarah Sews

Ok I've started the web placemat from So Sarah Sews here it is...
had to stop to print out the other half and then I have to do the uprighty bits...then back, quilt and bind :O) may even make another one with black web or blac middle and white web...ahhh shame I couldn't get them done earlier, could've made 4 placemats for Halloween Dinner.

Please vote.....

can you all please go and vote for me http://quiltinggallery.com/2011/10/28/vote-now-halloween-quilts/ mine is the halloween happenings, I know its really not the greatest of the quilts, some of them are truly stunning, but i'd love to get in the top 3.
one 1 vote per IP address for the technically minded,

27 October, 2011

Am just catching up on the Ghastlies...corrr my list of blogs has grown over the last 4 days, so many wonderful Ghastlie projects....
I've found So Sarah Sews too and am tempted to try to get a Spider web placemat done, not sure if I've got any of the orange left over but I've definitely got some yellow spiders web fabric and always have black stashed, quite enjoy paper piecing once I get into it, although 31st is fast approaching.

Mum had the kids for me today so I got on with some FMQ and had a practice with the brother, this time not on the frame, no thread breakage at all, which makes me think that the frame's not level and that's what's breaking thread... I still love my Janome and auto tension and HATE all non auto tension machines, I've spent so much of my time adjusting the brother cos of different thread choices...heres my WIP and have to share some of my FMQ one tiny cross over i've just spotted in top left corner but apart from that none, no birds nests, some sharp corners but am quite happy at the progress,

I'm going to enter....

I'm going to enter halloween happenings into the quilt contest
with quilting gallery It won't do any harm to enter and its definitely quite spooky...I'll post later where you can vote for me :O)

For those that haven't seen my table runner.... here he is...why its a he i don't know, doesn't feel like a she, perhaps its the spiders

26 October, 2011

Wasted Wednesday

Well it's a Wednesday and Wednesday's mean nothing gets done....its autumn holidays so even less gets done.  I've been ghastly hopping again, having so much fun and meeting so many new people and adding to my list of blogs...it's going to take up so much time if they update their blogs all the time.
No sewing done today but we did go shopping, so fingers crossed might get something done tomorrow.
Did have a practice on the frame on Tuesday, and following a flower and leaves pantograph, am feeling much much better about it, some thread breakage but think that's down to the uneven floor and it's polyester thread. Am contemplating ordering some Aurifil 40wt but the 50wt my Janome hates, hoping the brother will prefer it, do I proceed to a quilt and just do some loops, or practice more stippling or pantographs....
Theres a bit more muslin loaded on the frame and after that think I'm gonna whip up the digger panel with some borders and get busy with loops, Jacques (my boy) isn't going to be bothered if my loops aren't totally even...

24 October, 2011

No sewing achieved today and have the sore throat from hell so am cuddling in bed with the kids at 8pm at night, catching up on blogland... and I've just seen theres a Ghastlies blog hop starting today, more details here  so i'm going to go hopping.... oh we did a geocache today in our local *biggish* town, so one more to add onto the database 1!!

23 October, 2011

Une citrouille géante à Compreignac ! - Insolite - France 3 Régions - France 3

Une citrouille géante à Compreignac ! - Insolite - France 3 Régions - France 3

I thought my pumpkins were big, but nothing like this 2m2o by 2m46 one, weighs a whopping 112 kilos...

Sunny Sunday

Things didn't go quite to plan and I ended up lying in bed finishing my book until 10am and dh decided he wanted a cooked breakfast...so bacon, egg, tomato, toast, spuds and hot dog sausages with a big cup of coffee later we decided to have late dinner...couldn't be bothered slaving over an oven all day so got busy cleaning top to bottom, changing beds, emptying bins and shoved in a frozen stew veggie/meat mix in the slow cooker....cooked a delish Courgette cake and while it was cooking made Lime pickle

three jars later and hopefully only a week in storage and it should be ready to go, it seems spicy hot...

Was a really bright sunny day, got 2 loads of washing out onto the line and while watching Come dancing, X Factor and Downton Abbey have done some hand stitching....

22 October, 2011

Shopping Saturday

Have been to Limoges today, shopping and dropping my dad off at the airport, popped to Cora for lunch, went to the Grand Frais and bought some lovely looking parsnips, butternut squash and lots of limes...am making a lime pickle for our curries and I think a Key Lime Pie may be on its way next week...
Roast Loin of pork tomorrow with all the veggie trimmings....am watching Celebrity Masterchef final atm, followed by come dancing, MERLIN *swoon at the knights* and then Casualty so not much time for sewing

21 October, 2011

Fluffy Sheep Quilting: Free Motion Friday Week 3: Slate Tiles

Fluffy Sheep Quilting: Free Motion Friday Week 3: Slate Tiles

arghhhh it's too late for me to try it sans alcohol, perhaps tomorrow, looks like something achievable :O)

yeh hey hey

yeh hey hey I've managed to quilt on gracie and not break a needle !!!!
the new needles arrived from the US and I changed the thread so can't really say what it was, but apart from thread breakage the quilting practice is going well, practice photos  are here, decent enough stipple, curves and I can do a pretty decent heart on a string, did some freehand leaves and echo quilting, am really pleased with progress....

Cranking up the music !!!

I'm child free and have decided to crank up the music, sod the hoovering and getting busy with gracie and the brother....new thread, new needles to try :O)

20 October, 2011

Chilly day

First proper frost of the winter this morning, -1C taking the kids to school and the first fire was lit on the fire monster furnace. The wood smell is back again until Spring, Chimney's been cleaned and I've hoovered the furnace out but soot and wood bits are set to aggravate me all winter.  I've sat this afternoon and watched Celebrity Masterchef while finishing off one of my SAL embroidery weeks...another one tomorrow, I'm now only 2 behind soon be 3...
tomorrow is going to be a sewing day, I'm spending all day sewing, no cleaning, want to play with the frame and brother, need to get cutting some 4 patches for 4patches4hope out of my scrap bag. Contemplating a pinwheel Christmas quilt but not sure I'll get time to finish it and our not nice social charges bill arrived...ahh c'est la vie :O)

4Patches4Hope: What is this all about???

I saw this on a blog and I've chosen to make some out of my stash  4 Patches 4 Hope project.  It's a wonderful project to help the American Cancer Society.  I know that Cancer has caused unfortunately quite a few deaths in our family and currently my aunt is fighting breast cancer....We all need to help put a stop to this horrible disease!

Regina's "concept is simple - Make a 4 Patch... Make a Donation... Make a difference."  It's a unique and wonderful idea. 

Share the word and make a 4 patch 

19 October, 2011

What a Wednesday !!!

What a Wednesday, woke up at 9am after a good sleep, came downstairs to a flooded utility room, the rain in the night had seeped in through the wall and 3 or more litres on the floor.... had to go get Amelia's school birthday cake from the shops and had a wander round. Lunch, drop Jacques off at footie and head to
Patchwork club.  Sewed yo-yo's on ready for the Xmas tree hanging....
Needles arrived from US so am hoping to do some frame quilting tomorrow :O)

18 October, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday Amelia

Happy 4th Birthday my darling daughter....

Its my daughter's 4th birthday today, she's a Hello Kitty girl and has outmaxed with her pressies and there are more to come this afternoon... then out for a family meal tonight, just as well there isn't school tomorrow :O)
I'm taking Jacques to his speech therapist this afternoon and so am taking my CAL Christmas sew along embroidery to get on with, it's handy having something that I can just pop into a bag and take with me, I have alot of hanging around, waiting for kids, dropping them off, picking them up, etc etc  

Patchwork club tomorrow and i've got some sewing on yo yo's to do for a Christmas project.  It's frustrating waiting for my needles to arrive from the US for the quilting frame, also bought some red overlocking thread yesterday to give that a go, see if it makes the thread break a bit less than the YLI quilting thread from Hancocks.

Re birth

Have decided that it's time I got back into blogging properly, I spend so much time reading everyone else's and I want mine back ;o)

Tomorrow is Amelia's 4th birthday and lo and behold no quilting or crafting done today, unless you call the baking of a birthday cake and 12 cupcakes crafting.