03 January, 2010

Sunday states....

What did we get upto today, well went to mum and dad's and all the kids and I had a bath and hairwash. Si came over and I cut his and Jacques's hair ready for school.
Phil has been really busy trying to get the chimney up and running, a few more day's work and we'll hopefully have warm floors.
Curry for tea and then I let the kids paint... god who invented painting for children, I grit my teeth just thinking about it, all was fairly calm and hands kept being washed until Jacques got down and staggered onto the wall with blue paint on his hands. Luckily it's washable wall paint but still needs touching up a bit tomorrow along with some other scrapes.



was great for them and they both enjoyed it lots, next time I know to wash hands before letting them get down from the table... pretty painting r us

Look what I got in the post yesterday, a surprise present, I wasn't expecting anything and was thrilled to receive lovely bath things in such gorgeous boxes, I'm not going to unwrap it. Thanks so much Fran

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