02 January, 2010

New Year's Resolution

Sat at the table this morning, thinking about New Year's resolutions and what they mean to me.  Something to break rapidly usually.  Lose weight, try to be a better mum and wife.  Take more exercise etc etc...
when you google it wikipedia comes up with a list very similar to my own.

I love the postcards, the first being quite true even in 2010.  To live a simple, sincere, serene life...... Let's see what happens....

For me, my resolutions this year are :-
To lose weight, cut down portion sizes, drink more fluids and take more exercise, listen to Paul McKenna every day.
To take time for patchwork, quilting, cartonnage at least once a week and get busy with all the projects I want to do.
To help Jacques with his handwriting
Give Amelia quality quality time every day and encourage her to learn her numbers
Never go to bed on an arguement and let DH know how much I love him more.

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