05 January, 2010

Dinosaur Quilt

The dinosaur quilt will be starting today, The kids and I chose the strips from the Jelly roll that they want together.  All in piles ready to be joined up and then I need to go buy some border, joining fabric.
Weather is -5 and snowing, so after roast chicken for lunch i'm going to crank out the sewing machine :O)

04 January, 2010

4th January

January 4 nothing much happening at all except that
Donald Campbell died when  Bluebird K7 flipped over and he crashed

03 January, 2010

Sunday states....

What did we get upto today, well went to mum and dad's and all the kids and I had a bath and hairwash. Si came over and I cut his and Jacques's hair ready for school.
Phil has been really busy trying to get the chimney up and running, a few more day's work and we'll hopefully have warm floors.
Curry for tea and then I let the kids paint... god who invented painting for children, I grit my teeth just thinking about it, all was fairly calm and hands kept being washed until Jacques got down and staggered onto the wall with blue paint on his hands. Luckily it's washable wall paint but still needs touching up a bit tomorrow along with some other scrapes.



was great for them and they both enjoyed it lots, next time I know to wash hands before letting them get down from the table... pretty painting r us

Look what I got in the post yesterday, a surprise present, I wasn't expecting anything and was thrilled to receive lovely bath things in such gorgeous boxes, I'm not going to unwrap it. Thanks so much Fran

Magic Garden Part 2

The magic garden continued to grow overnight and looks like this now,

a few hours later it's not quite as magnificant as various family members have knocked it, the tree was remarkable

3rd January

1988Margaret Thatcher becomes the longest-serving British Prime Minister in the 20th Century.

one of the most notable things to happen was this in 1988, some other things of note 3rd January

02 January, 2010

Magic Garden

The kids and I started to grow our magical garden (you know you add special liquid and they grow little paper flowery bits) we had just trees when we were kids, now theres trees, gardens and mountains with snow... photo's to follow

First flower appeared within about 90 minutes, 5 hours later we've got a bit of snow, bit of grass and flowers.  Can't wait until the morning when we should have a complete garden

This is an hour or so after pouring on the special liquid, snow on the mountain top and some pink blossom on the trees and yellow fluff on the hedges

Two hours later, proper pink fluff on the trees, thicker snow

8 hours after we first started, the kids can't wait to see what it looks like when they wake up, proper magic tree stuff 

Happy Hogmanay

This is what happened on   2nd January

First photo's of the moon and in Scotland it's a national holiday
Happy Hogmanay to all the scots worldwide !!!

New Year's Resolution

Sat at the table this morning, thinking about New Year's resolutions and what they mean to me.  Something to break rapidly usually.  Lose weight, try to be a better mum and wife.  Take more exercise etc etc...
when you google it wikipedia comes up with a list very similar to my own.

I love the postcards, the first being quite true even in 2010.  To live a simple, sincere, serene life...... Let's see what happens....

For me, my resolutions this year are :-
To lose weight, cut down portion sizes, drink more fluids and take more exercise, listen to Paul McKenna every day.
To take time for patchwork, quilting, cartonnage at least once a week and get busy with all the projects I want to do.
To help Jacques with his handwriting
Give Amelia quality quality time every day and encourage her to learn her numbers
Never go to bed on an arguement and let DH know how much I love him more.