17 March, 2015


Please go and check out my posts this week on 52 Quilters
Here is my first post

Have a great day, I'm off to paper piece :)

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13 March, 2015

Exciting week to come

I've got really exciting news that I've kept fairly quiet and am now ready to reveal.

It's my week next week !!! Starting Monday

At the end of the year there was a general call out for quilters to take part in a new social experiment to spread some quilty inspiration, a snapshot into quilters lives.
Each week for 52 weeks, a quilter takes over the blog, instagram and twitter account of 52 Quilters and next week.... Week 11 It's my turn !!!!
From Monday morning I'll be posting my piccies, any quilty stuff I do and perhaps just some piccies of life until Sunday evening.
I'm hoping I might even manage to get a whole quilt made, I've got some ideas for one.
Please follow along and go check out some of the past weeks, there have been some really exciting quilters, I hope people don't get bored

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06 March, 2015

Quilts to say we care

Very late last year (Boxing Day) a family friend of ours lost his battle with Cancer.  It was a shock, we knew he'd been ill for about two years but I think with it being the time of year, he was in his very early sixties and for me, the first family friend to die, it hit us all very hard.
He left his wife who is in her 50's, they don't have children but do have horses, chickens, cats and 5 dogs lol...
I'm a very capable and organised woman and helped her with some french paperwork stuff but wanted something to show her we care and we're there for her in the next weeks, month's, years.
So what do you do, you make a quilt !!! I talked to DH and my mum about it and decided yes, I'd get on and make a quilt, even if the dogs just snuggled on it, at least she'd know we were thinking of her.
I dragged out my Alison Glass prints I had and made my go to Giant star quilt pattern from In Color Order.  It's such a quick quilt to pull together, think it was made in an afternoon.

It's quilted with a very large meander.  I didn't want loops or hearts but something that gave the quilt a crinkle, it was one of those perfect aurifil quilting god days, think it was quilted in an hour or so, using my go to seashell poly for longarm (I LOVE THIS THREAD)  the backing was a light pink, orange, grey triangle bed sheet and it's bound in the green bike path.
@trudi_wood close your eyes �� giant stipple on this one

I gifted it a couple of weeks ago now and I'm hoping that it is being used and abused as snuggle quilts should be :O)

I do love being able to make a quilt, my children often ask me while both snuggled under quilts, "what do other children do who's mum's don't make them quilts mum"

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14 February, 2015

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentine's

I'm really excited to show you my Valentine's quilt, I bought the Layer cake last year with a heart quilt in mind, then there was a #sewmystash2015 weekend challenge to make a finished quilted item.
Well I'm always up for a challenge, I started on Friday morning and by Friday afternoon had a finished flimsy top.

Quilted it on the Sunday and it was bound later on in the week
I am in love with this quilt,everything came together perfectly, the @aurifil quilting gods have been with me this weekend, no thread breakages, quilt frame or machine problems, no eyelashes everything just feels perfect with it. Binding making this after

It's quilted with free motion hearts and loops with aurifil 40wt cotton, it's a cotton bedding sheet from Daxon this time, small white polka dots on pink. I really enjoyed making this one, I loved everything about it, the seams all nest and the quilt gods were with me.

Its bound and now needs sewing down but DS is enjoying it already. That's this weeks sewing in front of TV sorted. Must get other one finished tonight so it can be gifted

DS couldn't even wait for the binding to be stitched on the back, and it's been heavily used already, even though we have another 7 in the lounge that could be used lol...

Here's some nice outside piccies, taken when I had a really bad case of flu and it was just about to snow

I think the black border sets it off but I was to do it again i'd change the 2nd row, 2nd down square to a lighter one so that the heart pops more.

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11 February, 2015

Two in one pouch

Happy Wednesday !!!! I've got loads to do in the next few weeks, including a quick 5 day trip to UK. Our half term holidays don't start until 21st February and are for two whole weeks. So UK in the middle and another week at home.
One of my commitments for February was a swap on IG, make a friend swap, it's fun because we get to share with our partner what they would like (a pouch, a drawstring bag or a fabric bucket)
My partner said she'd be happy for a pouch and likes blues and sea colours, I posted an assortment of fabrics and she liked Dreamlandia Irradiated Utopia by Frances Newcombe, it's a lovely print.
I knew I wanted to make a Two in One Pouch, it's by SOTAK Handmade, I'd already made a pretty good one with priory square fabric for my mum for Christmas so knew the pattern.
Thanks for Fab pattern @sotakhandmade I am totally in love with this one, @ck2sew I hope you like it too #makefriendsswap next one is for me :) need more zips

I cut the pieces last night, went shopping for suitable zips this morning and a few hours later had this lovely ready to add a few goodies inside.

It's a really easy pattern, if you can make a zippered pouch you could whip one of these up in no time.  I love the pattern, detailed photo's I can even manage good zips now.  I also really like how there isn't any topstitching on this, my Bernina struggles with topstitching.
#love #thatisall

I'd be incredibly tempted to keep this at home lol, but I've got enough of the fabrics to make another one but need more zips.  I'm going to try the smaller coin purse version next.
Next swap is a UK mini swap, I think I know what i'm doing, it needs to be sent in April so it'll be one of my major to do's in March.
Lots of paperwork and home life crap hitting us at the moment so sewing time is going to be limited in the next few months.  I am not signing up for any more swaps this year, remind me lol....

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09 February, 2015

A quick Monday afternoon make

Well, after a weekend of Football, yup you guessed it, this mum was on football duty AGAIN *Sigh*, we received a text on Thursday,that match starts at 4pm at Tournon Saint Martin, well that particular village is a 125KM or 77 Mile round trip and an hour away but I was ok, it's not my turn. Within 5 minutes I get a text, ?? isn't going to football, it's too late and too far, he's got to be somewhere at 6pm and I know the other mum is working. So what else could I do. Woke up hoping it had snowed overnight but alas no. I take the kids, watch the match, defrost on the way home lol.... Sod's law the working mum can do the next two Saturdays, next week's has been cancelled as the kids are on a skiing trip. Ho Hum, anyway at least they won 10-0. My son was the striker but didn't actually score any of the 10 goals lol... it's a sad state of affairs, the poor love thinks he's so good too.

IMG_20150209_151421Yesterday I saw this tutorial from Timeless Treasures for a drawstring bag, they frighten me a bit, I've made one or two before but they've been very basic and not all that exciting.

This afternoon I set to and here it is, it's boxed off at the bottom and completely lined. I made it 16.5" starting square as that's my ruler size but think any sizes would work well.


I'm keeping my selvedges now because I think that would make a super cute bag and you have the lining to give it a bit of omph.

MAX Update, the poor love is still struggling, hoping around and wanting to go out, if we don't see a great improvement tomorrow, he's back to the vets to see if they've missed something.

oh BTW, have you been watching the Sewing Bee ??? Isn't it fab to see more men this week.  I know who my money is on to win, I've taken an instant dislike to one or two of the competitors, see if I like them more this week
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06 February, 2015


This week hasn't been the greatest, I've recovered from my bout of flu though, only hubby has it now *sigh* but touch wood the kids don't appear to have caught it yet.
Our french accountant stopped trading so I have lots of learning how to do french accounting in the next few weeks, luckily I was a finance manager when I was in the UK so it's not all that strange to me, just different being in French lol...
On Wednesday night, Max our 18 month kitten came in after being missing for about 30 hours, limping badly, he couldn't put weight on his leg, his pad was all folded back on itself and it looked like it was broken. Frantic phonecall to the vet at midnight, keep him in a cat box and bring him in at 9am tomorrow morning.
Oh oh an adult male with currently un-neutered female....trip to vets very soonHubby and I hardly slept for worrying, I was scared to even get up and check he was alive.
This is an earlier picture of him (he's the black one) but good news, he's home now, he hadn't broken it luckily. The vet thinks he was involved in a fight with another cat or perhaps a dog and they've punctured his leg. The start of an abscess has made it really uncomfortable for him. So rest, anti biotics and anti inflammatory syrup and he'll be back to his fighting self in no time.

In other news, this year I've taken on three BOM's
Quilt Room are running a freebie miniature paper piecing BOM, each block measures a tiny 4".  Here are my January and February blocks
Its thequiltrooms miniature bom.. This block is 4" fun to make, its going a Christmas make :)

#thequiltroom @thequiltroom miniature block of month #block2 this is 4" not perfect but it will do :)
Feb's is not perfect but at 4" I think I can live with it, we'll see.
It's not my usual fabric choice but I'm hoping it'll make a nice Christmas mini quilt for the end of the year.

I'm also signed up for Pile o'fabric I am really tempted by @pileofabric 2015 block of the month....45$ for the year, anyone else fancy it Block of the month, I love this quilt, I'm planning a rainbow quilt but with black/grey instead of the low volume. I am frustrated though as it's February and no sign yet of any sewing *sigh* alot of people are still waiting on their templates and so it's all delayed. I printed mine at home and they are all sitting in zippy bags waiting :)

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